Laguna B

My husband has put a restraining order on me banning me from buying any more glasses. I have managed to sneak a few of these in unnoticed. I have been a fan of Laguna B for years and finally bit the bullet and bought the yellow margarite daisy tumblers a few years ago. I use them almost every day, and they are my preferred glass for a gin and tonic for which the colour is just perfect. But they are on the table every night for water and always make even our dinner for two look special.

When glasses seem beyond one’s budget (as they almost always do with me) it is worth considering buying in pairs and then adding to them as and when you can afford them. I have built up quite a good collection of Astier de Villate glasses this way. On the table alongside more ordinary (affordable) wine glasses pretty tumblers really make the table look brighter and less like everyone else’s.

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