Small tables: Four reasons you should invest in them now

If you’ve nowhere to put a drink when you’re relaxing on the sofa, the truth is you’re not comfortable. The floor is a no-no (inevitable spills…) and the sofa itself makes no sense. So, when designing your living room don’t forget to factor in small end tables. You will never, ever regret it. And here’s why…

1. There are so many options, the process of finding one is actually rather fun. Octagonal, round, square, not to mention bronze or wood (and that’s just the start).

2. They will result in far fewer spills which means your carpets and rugs will live much longer. Also fewer spills = less stress. If you don’t have room for a small table at each end of the sofa, settle on a larger one to sit in front of it.

3. They are the perfect places to corral collections of things smartly on a tray. You wouldn’t believe how a tray on a small table can turn mess into something really quite Instagrammy.

4. All the perfect gossip between two friends needs is two comfortable chairs, a couple of drinks and a small table. One learns all kinds of things sitting on the other side of a small table…

RITA SAYS… Three things every small table needs

The match striker: Mouth-blown glass and silver match striker, 13cm diameter, £415, from Nina Campbell.

The lamp: Brass lamp base, “Jackson”, 51 x 16cm diameter, £70, from Pooky; hand-painted card shade, £235, from Rita Konig.

The plate: “Alligator & Cherry Bowl Plate”, by Claudia Rankin, 25cm, £160, from Wilson, Stephens & Jones.

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