Marie Daâge

I just love Marie Daâge’s pieces. I first came across her when I used to buy for my mother (Nina Campbell’s) shop on Walton Street where you can still find her large breakfast cups.
The cachepots are something that I love because they remind me of my childhood where it seemed every household had them, often with a rather seventies orange plant or cyclamen in them and of course they fell fast out of fashion. But they are so useful and if you can manage the initial outlay they are the most economical ways to use flowers in the house. Not only is a plant so much cheaper than buying cut flowers but they last so much longer and can then be planted outside once the flowers have died.

I have my supermarket bought pot of basil in a small one on the window sill and have also used the large ones for wooden spoons etc. by the stove as well as hydrangeas and my favourite geraniums.

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