The Liggestolen Deckchair

by was born when it’s founder, Mette, saw an old 1930’s rattan lounger in the garden of some friends. It was under a tree in the dappled sunshine and she fell in love with it – still beautiful and practical at over 70 years old. Not being able to find anything like it, she decided to make one and put it into production herself.

I’m so glad she did. I’ve used chairs for client projects and people are forever asking me where they can get one. They’re so evocative of holidays and lazy summer days.

Please contact us to place your order so we can let you know correct shipping costs to your area.


The lounger can be can be folded up and it’s light weight so easy to move around.
If you want to use it as an armchair, simply fold the footrest under the seat.

The lounger is made from raw, untreated rattan. It can be used indoors and out, but to ensure the long life of your furniture, we recommend that you protect it from the rain and store it inside.

Length: 200 cm
Width of seat: 55 cm
Height to seat: 35 cm

Shipping is from Denmark to the rest of Europe only.

Please allow two weeks for your order to reach you.

Shipping to the majority of the UK will be €71 for one deckchair.

Please contact us for a shipping quote and to place your order.