It must be 6 o’clock somewhere

Drinks Tray Kit for the large Belles Rives Tray


Don’t have anything that you or your guests don’t drink.  There is nothing worse than dusty bottles. 

I have:

Hendricks Gin

Campari – delicious with Ginger Ale

A good vodka

A good whiskey

A bottle of toffee vodka that I was given and is completely lethal and delicious. 

4 no. Small Pellegrino bottles

4 no. Schweppes Tonic water bottles

350ml Tabasco 

148ml bottle of Peychaud or Angostura bitter

150ml bottle of Worcestershire sauce

Consider jars of pickles: Jalepeno, okra or runner bean – these are all good in a bloody mary, I so rarely have fresh celery in the fridge and this is more delicious and something less ordinary. In the American South they always put a pickled Okra in their bloody mary.

A couple of cocktail shakers

An Ice bucket.  I like to use the lacquer one I designed or a chrome apple or pear when I find them in antiques shops. 

We recommend giant ice cube trays .

Green Chilli Peppers 2
Giant Tabasco Bar Rita Konig