How to create a gallery wall: five tips

A gallery wall is an easy way to give a room that lived-in feeling without cluttering the space. There isn’t an exact science to creating one, but the finished look is supposed to be uneven and informal, personalising your space while giving your room an old-school gallery feel. You can either chuck everything you own at it regardless of theme, or think about the things that work together. Whichever way you choose to go, here are a few tips…

1. Lay out all your pictures in their frames on the floor before you hang. Make sure to measure your wall and mark the floor with the space you have to hang within so that everything fits.

2. Put things that work together side by side or hung one above the other.

3. Avoid tram lines, which are straight lines between your pictures that will create a grid. If they start to appear, just nudge a picture left of right to break the line.

4. You never really know what sort of thing you might need in a salon wall. Once things start going up, you often find yourself wanting to fill a space you hadn’t foreseen. Don’t be afraid to grab something from somewhere else in the house to fit into a gap.

5. I don’t think there is any need to keep the outer lines of your salon wall straight. I like the edges of the salon hang to be uneven – I like to think that I can keep adding to it as I buy things.

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