How To Create The Perfect Cheeseboard

We’re feeling a bit cheesy today over at Rita Says and where better to go for a cheese fix than Daylesford, whose herd of British Friesians roam the pastures of their Gloucestershire farm?

My go-to quick and easy Daylesford lunch is soup followed by cheese and crackers and a big bowl of crunchy apples. It’s what I give to people at my Complete House workshops and it always goes down well. But how to create the perfect cheeseboard? Daylesford’s advice is to choose just three or four high quality cheeses of different flavours and textures. So make sure you have something firm like a good cheddar, something softer and creamier like their Adlestrop cheese and then a blue cheese as well (this one is a medal winner at The World Cheese Awards).  Then you can add wonderful bits like tangy preserves, delicious crackers (these Spelt and Rye ones are my favourite) and palate cleansing fresh fruit. Bring those elements together and you’ll have cheese plate perfection.

Daylesford also do great cheeseboards and accessories, here are my top picks: