Lighting your home: how to choose lampshades

Here’s the thing about lampshades: they are surprisingly expensive, but an investment never to be underestimated. A good lampshade will last forever. And the difference this one little thing can make to the feel a room? Almost unparalleled.

If you’re ready to invest, hurrah! A good lampshade will genuinely make you so happy. However, before you get started, a few top tips on finding the perfect one for you…

1. A tighter budget often cannot afford a truly divine lampshade. If this sounds familiar, pair a quite expensive shade with a cheaper lamp. This doesn’t need to mean opting for something less appealing, especially with places like Pooky offering such a brilliant range.

2. Want your lampshade to actually let out some light? Steer clear of the gathered-fabric, patterned variety. Very on-trend, but can be ineffective.

3. Even the most streamlined room can benefit from a little character and quirk. Consider using lampshades to add colour and pattern.

4. Old shades needn’t be replaced if they get tatty, many lighting retailers will recover them to get back their original smart look.

5. Don’t want to add another colour to the room with lampshades? Give ochre a try – it’s an excellent, often overlooked, neutral.

RITA SAYS… Three lovely lampshades

The Raffia: Scallop edge with red cotton trim, by Matilda Goad

The Marbled: Antique spot shade from Pentreath and Hall

The Paper: Seaweed shade in Prussian blue by Rosi de Ruig 

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