Rita Meets…Bridie Hall

Pentreath and Hall is full of beautiful, interesting and well designed things for the home. Bridie Hall not only co-owns the acclaimed shop with Ben Pentreath but is also a designer-maker herself, producing everything from decoupage items to furniture. Their marvellous bricks-and-mortar shop in Bloomsbury is an absolute treasure trove and well worth a visit. Here we catch up with Bridie who tells us a bit more about the brand.

Tell us about how Pentreath and Hall came into being?
Ben Pentreath and I opened the shop together under Ben’s name back in late 2008, we’re old friends coming from different disciplines who share a classical aesthetic. In 2013 we decided to become business partners and became Pentreath & Hall. We both have separate businesses;  the shop brings all of what we do together.

How do you balance the creativeness of being a maker with the often very time consuming practicalities running a business?
It’s nothing that very hard work and being very productive with time doesn’t manage.

Describe your style in three words?
Made By Hand

Where do you get your inspiration from?
London for starters, everything in it. The walk to work in the morning is enough to kick start ideas for me.

What would your advice be for someone starting their own creative business?
Keep your head down and go for it, there is nothing wrong with making it up as you go along.

What is your favourite item in your own home?
My pets, I always say it ‘ a lot of little beating hearts make a house a home’.

What is your studio and desk space like?
My studio is large and chaotic and my desk is small and organised.

Quick fire:

Most recent holiday destination?
Bordeaux, France in a big villa with a load of friends. It was idyllic in scenery and company.

Most recent book you read?
I re-read Cider with Rosie on holiday, it was so worth it. I first read it as a teenager back in New Zealand and it was magic, even more so now I could picture the geography.

Favourite restaurant?
My new local pub The Riverford at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington but always Spring if I really want to treat myself.