Rita Meets…Valeria Piovesana Thompson, co-founder of Once Milano


Once Milano is an Italian company that specialises in designing and producing luxurious linen products. Based near Venice, the company’s aim is to bring together the traditions of Italian home styling and timeless fashion to create simple but special products for the home. Valeria Piovesana Thompson (left), who founded the company with creative director Allegra Marchiorello (right) in 2011, explains how they make this magic happen…

What inspired you to start Once Milano?
We wanted to reinvent Italian homeware: linen has always been part of our lives and we wanted to create items from this material in designs and colours we love. Linen is at once luxurious yet understated, traditional and also contemporary. We wanted to show its extraordinary range, whilst never compromising on quality and style.

Sum up the company in three words.
Fashion, simplicity and style.

When it comes to the creative process what inspires you?
We find inspiration in many places: art, fashion, film, music and of course great interior design. The kitchen lies at the heart of our range; it is a place of creation and brings together friends and family. Life in Italy happens in the kitchen and we never tire of the inspiration in the food that holds it all together.

What’s on your studio playlist? 
Opera and Radiohead!

Who’s your dream customer and why? 
It is very inspiring to work with interior designers and home lovers; when creative minds come together, the result is always an explosion of sensorial experiences. We believe the home is where peace is to be found; it is a sacred place where intimate moments and feelings are shared. Our ‘dream customers’ are the ones who appreciate and embrace this approach.

Where’s your favourite place to go to get away from work?
Home, sweet home.


The Beatles or the Stones?

Cake or kale?

Favourite holiday spot?
The Jashita Hotel in Tulum, Mexico