How to throw a Bonfire Night party


It seems a shame to let a chance to celebrate pass one by. Even if you aren’t planning a big bonfire night it is worth getting into the autumnal spirit of it at home with a few friends for dinner. I am thinking along the lines of dark and stormy cocktails and roasting chestnuts in the fire on a pan from Labour and Wait.

Keep dinner simple so that you can enjoy the fireside apéritifs. No recipe is worth being a slave to your guests in the kitchen while they all have a jolly time next door. Blanche Vaughan’s In One Pot cookery book has a recipe for Chestnut and Pumpkin soup which is delicious. Serve with sausages and large pots of mustard on the table, let’s face it no Bonfire Night is complete without sausages and since it is British Sausage Week I’d say it was compulsory.

The soup is delicious, chunky and healthy and very good served with grated parmesan. It is so seasonal and if you have been out to a local bonfire its the perfect thing to warm you up after being out doors and a really easy thing to come home to with friends.

For pudding it has got to be mini toffee apples with coffee. I love the idea of them usually more than the reality which is why I have come to the conclusion that they have to be made with tiny apples. To be worth it they have got to be a crunchy, bite size treat. Regular granny smiths are too big making the toffee to apple ratio all wrong.

Everything Blanche Vaughan makes is delicious and happily she has the same attitude as me towards the size of the apple so I wouldn’t look any further than this recipe she put up on The Guardian website.

All images from Foxs Lane