Meet the Team!

Rita Konig has worked as an interior designer and journalist for the past 16 years both in London and in the US. She’s known for her relaxed, ‘un-done’ style and believes the best kind of rooms are those that make you want to come in, sit down and stay a while.







Milly Hudson-Evans has worked side by side with Rita since 2011 and is integral to the design side of the business. She combines an eye for detail and flair for design with a masterful grip of budgets and schedules.


Hannah French is a New Yorker who recently made the move to London. When her then-boss John Derian called and said ‘you should give this girl a job’ we said ‘ok!’. Hannah works with Rita and Milly on the interior design projects.


Connie Nuttall is our studio manager and design assistant who keeps everything working like a well-oiled machine. She graduated with a first in art history in 2017.